Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Testing testing 1-2-3

Well it's scan time again. Friday will hopefully be the last PET scan for a while, the one when I get injected with radio active dye.

A week later it's results time, who know's what they'll bring, I couldn't say one way or t'other!

All I can say is apart from a migraine today and a bit of a cold I feel brill. My energy level is recovering and although it's not what it was it's stacks better than it has been recently. I have a sense of humour again, I'll let everyone who knows me decide if its good or not. I'm thinking more and more about going back to work and how and what I'm going to teach. It scares the life out of me going back but then Wendy has returned to work after two lots of maternity leave and survived. I've had a lump growing in me but I doubt I could class it as similar.........mind you the three stone I've put on looks ready to drop soon!

The scan will come and go and the results will come. What they are remains to be seen, good or bad they will be results and something will happen after them. We will get through whatever they give us to deal with, me and my girls. They are amazing and without them this wouldn't have been as easy as it has been. They deserve a good result and I'll work hard to give it to them.

Love, laughter and honesty have got us this far. Long may it guide us.


  1. Good luck with it all. I'll be thinking of you and have my fingers crossed.

  2. Sending all our very best wishes - Good Luck Nickle Arse xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hello you - just a note to send love and lots of those big hugs you give.

    Love you all loads
    Gwyn and Drew xxxx