Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ignorance is bliss

Well if I was sh*t no one told me!

I very nearly didn't go in, then once in the car I very nearly drove straight past. Once in the building and past people wishing me well I found some of the wires needed changing over before my computer would show the lesson I wanted to do.

I left my water bottle at home, but I found a spare in the car. I got really nervous but then I remembered that I'd done all this lesson before.

I had Wendy's spirit with me telling me I am a good teacher, well it was a text message but I guess it's as near spiritual as some folks get.

Mark's voice was there in the back of my head reminding me that once you've done something you can do it again and again, well except dying but that was hopefully not on the cards for today!

When I was growing up mum and dad had graffiti wall paper in the bathroom, they bought the paper like that! It had little ditties on it like karl marx's grave was a communist plot and alas poor yorlik I knew him backwards. But the one that sprang to mind was 'if you do something today and like it then you can do it again tomorrow!'

I like teaching, no, I love teaching. Getting information into someone else just through your actions or words is amazingly gratifying. Then when little Johnny goes 'oh yeah sir I gerrit now'. Then that's like a big fat pay cheque landing in my account.

The lesson went ok, no one died, which is a bonus. I remembered pretty much everything and I even remembered some of the kids names which amazed me and them.

Yes I was tired after but the adrenaline was awesome and I'm really looking forward to going back on a staged return after Easter. I know now all the groups will respond as well as this one did but then that's part of the challenge.

Bring it on.

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  1. So brilliant to see you back at work albeit for a short time - I loved it walking past your room and you were there - it felt comforting so you see youre making people feel good without even realising it - NICKLE ARSE IS BACK!!!!!!!!