Wednesday, June 16, 2010

testing testing 123

Ok so the elbow thing is better, having spoken to a physio terrorist at a wedding and being told to sleep on my back the pain has completely gone in my left arm.

Unfortunately I now have a pain in my chest, I wake up with night sweats, I've lost a load more weight (just on the 16 stone marker ish), I have temperatures in the day, my breathing is ok depending on how I'm positioned, I have a severe lack of energy, my tastes have changed again and I don't like things like brown bread and pasta which I lived off before cancer, oh and I'm drinking like a fish but not weeing anything like enough. Maybe that's what the sweats are for!

So putting them all together and having been told I looked less that sparkling by some of my colleagues, they did ply me with coffee and chocolate though which was lovely, and Wendy saying you look peaky prompted a trip to the gp.

The gp didn't look in my throat or examine me just said well we'll take a blood test and get you back in in a week. I suggested that as once you're in at Weston park you're in, that I just phone them up. He was delighted!

So that's where Wendy and I have been today, Weston Park. I managed to get to see Georgia do her obstacle course for her sports day but then had to dash.

To cut a long story, well I could make it long, short I'll give the abridged version.

Waited, for a long time, got seen. Consultant wants blood tests doing and ct scans. If it were one or two of the symptoms above she'd put it down to side effects, which it may still be. It may also be a virus and lord knows there's plenty of them going round at school with the snotty little oiks. That's just the teachers! It may be something more sinister. Who knows, not us.

So we're back on the roller coaster that is cancer, I want normal not roller coaster. But having said that I feel less angry than I did which is odd. Ho hum I'm sure some shrink will figure it out.

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