Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bounce

Well my amazing ladies did it. They bounced on their space hoppers and raised a stack of money for Cancer charities in Yorkshire. I'm so proud of them they give me so much support, emotionally and physically. They are my reason for life.

Pre-bounce freshness
Lots of flat space hoppers, pumping required.
Carys in full flight, well her hair is anyway.
Post bounce pooped

They bounced for a minute to try to set a record but missed it for some reason but then set a new record for the number of people bouncing a quarter of a mile! Carys bounced the full course and was totally bounced out by the end of it.

I feel incredibly blessed to witness the kindness and generosity of people who have given their time or their money to charities. I have also received gifts from work which are incredibly generous and have given me a massive lump in my throat to think people take time out from their busy lives to think about me. Thank you, it means a massive amount to me.

As a dad and a husband I am the luckiest, yes having cancer is sh*t but I have an incredible family who I absolutely adore and they are a constant reminder of how good life can be.

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  1. Morning Nick , Just a quick hello and I am so glad you went with the thug rather than the other option.
    I am though thinking of taking up knitting in time for the winter. I have resisted sending fruit and if you saw my knitting you would hope I would aslo be able to stop myself sending knitted items through the post to keep your head warm in the winter to come.
    You and Wendy are like a hand print on my heart and it keeps me close to you both.
    Speak soon Gwyn xxxxxx