Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summats happening

Well the hair has started to go anyway. Just started this morning which is good seeing as I had a hair cut the other day! When they asked what I wanted and I said it was all going to fall out anyhow they got the picture. Some people would have left it but my shearer had had a recent scare herself and so we went through all her emotions and how she was quitting smoking and how being positive was the key to all this blah blah blah.

You know sometimes when you want to talk and others when you just want to be silent. I didn't have much option in not talking but I wanted my head to be left alone with it's own thoughts. Oh well it's only three quid for a hair cut there so I wasn't expecting much but hey it got rid of the late 80's bouffant which which sprouting out of the top of my head and going very curly in the process.

I've had a reasonable week all things considered, I'm tired and I get tired easily but I'm able to do bits and have driven the car a couple of times. The sensation of driving is just so freeing, I no longer have the sofa attached to my backside nor do I have the four walls of the house sitting there just watching me, none of this dramatic closing in stuff they're not falling down or anything!

I'm maudling a bit though and getting wrapped up in my body's inability to do what my head wants it to. I don't feel like a very good anything unless you count holding the sofa down. I have to get stuff done and I need to plan my days a little better. I have people to write to and paper work to sort out and and and. But I have an attention span of a year 11 boy, so I need to get my head out of the clouds and into doing stuff.

Anyhow this morning brought good news. After an ECG at the Hallamshire the person doing the scan told us that all the liquid had gone from around my heart. It wasn't unexpected news but it was great news nonetheless, my heart has felt ok for a while now but to have confirmation that all is well is great and it really does mean summats happening.

So one worry down, another to go.......

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