Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Highs and lows

Ok so now i'm annoyed. Life is on pause, one of my best friends is home from New Zealand with his fiancee. I'd been looking forward to this weekend for the best part of six months. Go out and drink beer, eat curry and ride bikes. Laugh and chat and just be mates in the same town (country).

Well the furball put the riding on hold, I managed to have a couple of beers, missed the curry but caught up on laughs and chat. It's bl**dy hard, I don't want to be a damp squib on what should be a fab weekend for Charlie and Veronica, but nor do I want to be false.

In my mind I was on the ride, Jim had broken his bike (not the first time), on the friday and so borrowed mine on Saturday. Well there's no point in two of us not riding when there's a perfectly good bike sat there gathering dust. It did me a favour anyway as Mark did one of his uber-buffage jobs on it after the ride. I don't know how he does it, I've been trying to get it clean since I first got it dirty, Mark has it for half an hour and it looks better than new. Must be elbow grease......

Anyhow, the low's are low and you just get on with it, now for the high. 16 stone 10lb's. Just before Christmas I was 15.5 stone, big but healthy and feeling the fittest I'd ever felt, including being a kid. I felt great. Now I'm nearly the same weight I was when I decided to loose weight, oh good oh, it only took me 18 months to loose the weight. I guess I'll just have to loose it again. I'm hoping some of the weight gain is steroids but I think it's only part of the story. The majority of the story is probably me holding down the sofa. I've gone from riding to work, running and riding at the weekend, playing with the kids and standing up all day at work. Mmmmmm maybe there's been a lifestyle change..........

I'll loose the weight, I'll run again and ride and play with the kids and I'll be fit again. When I'm not sure but I will.


  1. Love you Nickel Arse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love to Wendy and the girls xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you, love you too. have a lovely peaceful summer.

  3. Missed you today at the end of school do! your infectious laugh! lots left - lots of speeches - Alan Coupe's was hysterical in that nobody knew what the bloody hell he was talking about ah!!! God Bless keep strong and keep your pecker up - ooooh!!!!!