Friday, July 24, 2009

Walking in Wales

Wendy and her wonderful sister Anita


I think it's fair to say that when I first went to Wales with Wend I was a bit unprepared. I was a city boy as much as I didn't think it or want to admit it I was and I'm lucky Wend could see my potential!

I don't think Anita and Jason knew how to take me or my cowboy boots and I wasn't sure how to take some of the narrow roads round there. Never mind that they didn't get me they welcomed me in to there home and their lives and made me feel part of the family.

That was 14 years ago now and I think it's fair to say I've chilled out quite a lot and have become more accustomed to the ways of the countryside, leave your watch at home (you get there when you get there), make sure you have milk when passing the 'local' shop, don't use your indicators when driving, smile more, breath more (it may smell of the sea or the hills or of sheep but it's better than exhausts), laugh more, forget about trying to pronounce any place names and get used to the changeable weather!

When I was diagnosed it was the Welsh contingent that had to have the news by phone which is rubbish. Telling someone that particular news by phone is cr*p, you can't be with them, you can't hold them and reassure them, nor can you be held or reassured back.

I guess this blog was initially set up so that people in our lives could see how things were and didn't feel like 'do I ring or will I be interrupting something' and also to put pictures of loved ones up to show some appreciation for their help or support. It was when Anita showed some colleagues the picture of Wend with the Welsh dragon on her face that some of her colleagues and friends started reading the blog too. Hello Anita's friends and colleagues!

I'm not sure who suggested doing something for charity but Anita and Jason and some friends are going to walk up Snowdon later this year for Marie Curie. It amazes me that people feel inspired to do something like this, to take time out of their busy lives and to go through physical hardship (I'm guessing they're not taking the train to the top!) and they're doing it in part for me. Anita and Jason are amazing family and I'm so lucky to have married into such a bonkers but brilliant and loving family.

If you want to sponsor them this is where to do it: here thank you.

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  1. Mr Hart! Wow such kind words! Like the bit about being a bonkers family! you know us well!
    Love Always
    Anita and the mad house!