Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bum fluff

Where'd it all go?

Well after shaving my head the rest of it seems to have takent the hint and b*ggered off! I wasn't bothered about the hair on my head but my beard is now more like a 14 year old clint eastwood want to be. It's had to go, I just look odd now, even moreso than usual.

I don't know have a beard for 12 years then shave it off for charity and then 2 months later the sod falls off of it's own accord!

I'm in a better frame of mind today, tired as I didn't sleep well last night. Chemo seems to mess with my ability to absorb caffeine which messed me up last night. I feel much better than I thought I would and at this point last chemo cycle I was in hospital with chest pains and a high temperature so this time is much better touch wood.


  1. Glad your feeling better cocker! Hope you get a good nights sleep not that the humid weather helps. Love to you and your family - Belinda & Family xxx

  2. I'm liking the Yul Brynner look mate! It's a better job than I did anyway!Love to you, Wendy and the girls!xxxxx

  3. Great to be able to tell you how impressed we are by your spirit.Thanks for your and Roger's efforts to teach us modern communications but a visiting grandson, Patrick, held our hands all the way. Keep it up.
    Love to you all.
    Elsie and Peter

  4. I am not sure if will work. I have problems with mobile phones so this is like !!!!!!!

    Laugh so much when I read your blog. Think about you all everyday, Do not ring every week like some stalker.

    A burning questions is it soft and smooth? - the top of your head Nick !!!!!

    Hope to see you in the summer when we dump I mean deliver to his choosen seat of learning.
    Can't wait for one of your bear hugs.

    Love you all

    PS would love details of how to donate from deepest Wales other wise I might no longer be able to suppress my urge to send fruit.

  5. my head is pretty smooth and fairly soft. not as good as i'd like though. you're donating laughs and love on the blog so no need for fruit!
    it'll be lovely to see you in the summer.