Thursday, June 18, 2009

Real time, really!

Well I've done it, I'm at real time. Went for chemo session number two yesterday and this morning I'm writing it up. This is kind of what I wanted the blog to be for, so that I can post how I'm feelingor what's happening with the treatment so people can look at the blog and find out or they can text or call.

Chemo was the same yesterday as the time before except it went a little quicker. The main time consumer is a protein based drip which the body may react to so it has to be introduced slowly. Every time you have it thought he body accepts it a bit quicker so they can give it to you a bit quicker. I've got pink pee again, which is just odd and I feel a bit more wiped out than last time but other than that I feel ok.

Sat there in my high seat recliner another couple walk in and sit two seats down, "Hey up, you live on our street don't you?" small world I guess! But then you find out about someone else's life and a bit about the miners strike to boot so everything has a positive slant!

Had a couple more really nice text's off people from work yesterday and it just makes me smile and give me that warm feeling inside.

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  1. Hello it's little me! Now then baldy, bet you look about 12 years old! Couldn't believe when you had your head and beard shaved for charity, and how young you looked for a 63 year old, haha! Have caught up with your blog what a wonderful sense of humour you've got, even in your writing. Every time I pass your class room, I always look in expecting to see your smiling face - youre missed so much - keep strong, keep smiling. Love to you and your family, from me and my family. Belinda x