Monday, June 29, 2009

it's all for charidee mate......

Just a really quick post about charities and my view on giving to them. I post this because a few people have asked if they can give money to me or if they can raise money on my behalf.

I don't want peoples money thank you. I understand why people have asked and I feel incredibly flattered that people would give me their hard earned! Financially at the mo we're ok and we're very aware of our finances so fingers crossed we'll be ok. If not I'll start selling body parts and most of the lads I cycle with will know what I'll start with.

When my journey started and we'd had the results of the biopsy I mentioned to a very good friend and neighbour what was going on. We share an unhealthy love of tools and sheds and bikes and stuff and get on really well. A couple of days later he asked if I minded him raising money for Cancer Research on my behalf. He wants to ride from Lands End to John O Groats on his push bike. To be honest I'd like to go with him but I'm not sure I'd be a help, more a hindrance but I'm amazed at people's generosity. He has set up a web site which is one of the links on the right of the blog page or you can click on here.

Steve Peat is a world class downhill mountain bike rider from Chapeltown who raises money for Western Park Hospital by having a big bike related party in Wharncliffe woods. He's done this for the past few years and it's on again this year, this years donations will be going specifically to the teenage department at Western where it will help teenagers with cancer. His event is called the Wharncliffe weekender and you can get to the website on the right of the blog site or by clicking here.

Please understand that I'm not asking you to donate money if you don't want to. Personally we have set ourselves the rule that we have a charity that we give to every year and we change it every year and we don't give to anything else. Just because I have cancer doesn't mean that I'm going to give my money to a cancer charity. It might mean I benefit from the money given or see first hand the work that the charity does. I may end up doing charity work for one of these organisations, I don't know, I don't know where my life will take me.

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