Friday, May 15, 2009

5 and 7, what do you say?

They need the truth.

Just not the whole truth. The hardest conversation we had was with the girls, we'd seen Georgia's teacher at school and explained what was going on. But how do we tell the girls. What do you say? We have limited knowledge of what's going on at thtis stage, it may be this that or the other.

We tell the girls the truth. Daddy has a lump in my chest and the doctors are trying to find out what it is. Daddy may need to go into hosptial for tests or treatment. Daddy may need to have some very special medicine which may make him poorly before it makes him better.

We don't tell them what's going through both our minds but has remained unsaid. They don't need to know that.

We cry, all of us, we cry because we're family, because we're going through something scary and going through something unknown. We cry until we're done, just a family going through a rough time.

It feels good, really good, I hate secrets and am not good at keeping them so the girls knowing the truth is a relief a great relief. Mum always said crying releases different chemicals whether it be happy crying or sad crying. Either way it's a release of emotion which is needed.

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