Friday, May 8, 2009

Start from the beginning

I would describe myself as a middle of the road bloke. I have a wonderful wife and two brilliant and beautiful daughters. I work as a teacher, teaching Design and Technology to secondary school kids, I enjoy it most of time. Love it some days and hate it others, like most people in most jobs.

My family health history is not the greatest, on the life insurance forms I end up ticking yes for pretty much everything when it comes to family history. The one thing I was most scared about was heart disease. My dad had a heart attack in 1998 and then a triple by-pass and post surgery pace maker, his dad died when he was 12 from a heart attack so my dad spent his life waiting for his. I decided that I wasn't going to put my family through that so after pains in my chest while driving down the motorway Christmas 2006 I decided to do something about it.

So began a long winding road of running (started out as enthusiastic walking and progressed to 4 miles of off road jogging/running), cycling to work and mountain biking. This along with watching what I was eating and not drinking too much allowed me to lose 2 stone and feel great about myself.

My running became easier and I even thought about the Bob Graham especially after my GP recommended feet in the clouds which is a truly inspirational book about fell running. My cycling to work was getting easier and my mountain biking was better than it had ever been. Top of the world, physically I had never ever felt better, friends who hadn't seen me for a couple of years didn't recognise me and no physical challenge seemed to big. Including a new years day swim atSaundersfoot in wet Welsh Wales, cold like you've never known but hey all for a good cause......

My eldest nephew and me just before the 'swim', if we look cold well that's because it was. -3 degrees on the beach plus the windchill and there were people there in just shorts, we both had wetsuits on but boy am I glad we did.

That was then.

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  1. I discovered Nick was my cousin purely by fate I think, but I'll let Nick tell you that story! Nick is a fantastic teacher!!! The best!!!! I support some difficult and sometimes challenging students in Nick's class but he has so much time and patience for them,it's amazing to see how they respond to him!! Well Nick, you might regret discovering me as your cousin coz I'm guna be behind you every step of the way, keeping you positive and focused!!! GO KICK ASS!!! Debs