Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Work n wednesday

Going to work the next day was hard, not from a  point of view of physically hard but mentally it was a challenge.

Only a few people had known where I was going and for why, Judith was shocked and upset when I told her. Perhaps it brings back memories of friends or family but it shocked me how someone reacted who I would class as a colleague. The boss was next on the list, he's not one for many words but he was reassuring, sympathetic and humourous upon hearing the news. It was exactly what I needed, it scares me when I think that the one job that I really love could slip away due to ill health, but the conversation was positive without being soppy.

My head of department needed to know, in my mind anyway. Ian is a really nice bloke but he's busy, damn busy so it was catching him early to break the news. It's a sh*t conversation to have with someone as it put's the other person so ill at ease having broken the news to them. Ian like many was shocked and surprised but offered his sympathy and instantly his support. This has made my life so much easier as Ian's support could be as little as a conversation or as much, as would be needed today, to cover for me when I have another emergency phone call.

"You've got to go in this afternoon." "But the CT guided biopsy is tomorrow" "I know but they've phoned up and they want to sign you in and get you to stop overnight" I was glad that we'd agreed that the hospital could get in touch with Wendy, not only did it mean I didn't have any urgent phone calls direct while I was teaching but also it took the edge off the urgency of the call.

Ian was brilliant, "go and see Judith and sort it out with her to get someone to cover the lesson, I'll set the work for you and then you can get off home." It's this sort of thing that I needed and I value, it just takes the pressure off an already busy head.

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    Comfort on difficult days,
    Smiles when sadness intrudes,
    Rainbows to follow the clouds,
    Laughter to kiss your lips,
    Sunsets to warm your heart,
    Gentle hugs when spirits sag,
    Friendships to brighten your being,
    Beauty for your eyes to see,
    Confidence for when you doubt,
    Faith so that you can believe,
    Courage to know yourself,
    Patience to accept the truth,
    And love to complete your life.