Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Princess Carys is 5 part three!

Me and my monkeys

The public birthday over, now for the private one. This is the bit I love the most, just being at home with my girls, drinking a cup of tea watching someone opening their presents. Carys is very good at the whole present thing so long as she can get a finger into the present she can tear her way in. Fortunately for Carys, Georgia has the dexterity of a very dextrous thing so any presents Carys couldn't force her way into she passes to George so she can start it off for her.

They are wonderful kids and I know i'm bias but when you watch them playing and sharing brand new toys you realise as a parent you're doing something right.

The birthday girl wanted to try out her new roller skates and who are we to disagree so it's pack up the girls, a pair of roller skates (pink and white and sparkley) a bike, the camera and some drinks and off to Bakewell we go.

Bakewell in the sun is a magical place, add in a great family and the stress melts away. Every now and again you have a reminder of reality and the thoughts running through your mind. These thoughts come from the strangest places. I took the photo below because it made me think of my future and where Wend and i will be when we're old and grey. Sat on a bench watching the river run by seems a nice place to me.

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  1. you are a true GENIUS and INSPIRATION Nick all our love from our favourite Bakewell car park :-) Etienne and Anna