Saturday, May 23, 2009

CT Guided Biopsy part 2

As the sun was setting and the car park was filling, visiting time, I saw Wend and dad arrive. Although it had only been a couple of hours it was so good to see her again, just a reassuringly normal person in all this surreal madness that is going on around me.

It was difficult for dad but he was subtle about giving us time together before they left, I guess it's the parent-child thing next to the husband and wife thing. I must thank him one day.

Then it was just me and Harry Potter with a bag of giant buttons and a post it note from Wend saying I love you which she had stuck to a magazine she'd bought for me. It's amazing how a little yellow post it note with three small words on it can reduce a lump of yorkshire to tears. 

Settling down for the night was hard, obviously there is the weird surroundings, but I couldn't find the light switch anywhere! Typical isn't it, nice new rooms with all mod cons but no bloody light switch!

About midnight I was aware of someone in the room, not a scene from a thriller movie but a nurse posting a nil by mouth poster on the side of my bed. NIL BY MOUTH! B*llocks. Anyone who knows me will testify that I'm not worth knowing without food. Someone had mentioned it earlier but I'd not really registered it, I guess my head was fairly busy. Next thing I know the lights are off and it was seven in the morning.

"What breakfast do you want love? Cooked English or cereal and toast?" There was no need to tell me about the cooked breakfast it was the smell that had woken me. "Thank you but I'm nil by mouth" the sign was next to the bed and the domestics stood at the door to ask what you wanted so they couldn't see the sign. "Oh sorry love, I'll move that sign for you" from the side of the bed to the end of the bed, now the problem was that the angle of the end of the bed to the door was such that you still couldn't see the flipping thing. "Do you want tea or coffee love?" "I'M NIL BY MOUTH" through gritted teeth, I stopped myself shouting but it was a close run thing. Now my senses were heightened I could smell food and drink everywhere. I brushed my teeth and resisted drinking the water or eating the toothpaste. Everytime I went in the bag Wendy had sorted for me I could smell the giant buttons. I reverted to looking at my magazines as they had the least food content in them.

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  1. Deary me, always thinking about your tummy!
    Thinking of you, Wendy and the girls (even though I've only seen them on photos).
    I hope we get one more P9 in before I leave in July, it would be really nice.
    Louise Bates. x