Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The dream job

My wonderful wife with graffiti on her face.

While all this fuss was going on with me my wonderful wife was preparing herself for her dream job. She'd done a PowerPoint which she'd practised in front of me and Shelley, bought a new suit which she looks great in. She's spoken to people doing the job in different hospitals up and down the country to get the best knowledge she could about how to pitch herself and what questions she may face.

I was so proud of her for going for it, being determined and confident in the knowledge she was capable of filling the role.

Work was work that day, I just wanted to know how she'd done. She'd been working in the morning then got changed and went straight to the interview.

She'd done all that while worrying about me. I didn't care about whether the job was hers or not, I was and still am so proud of her for doing it, a lesser person wouldn't have turned up let alone do a days shift and then an interview.


  1. It's the NHS's loss Wend,
    were so very proud of you too:-}
    Sarah & Geoff xXXx

  2. Hello Nick Nick should be taking Year 2 for costing but the sun has caused them to loose their way into college and most of them have taken a duvet or sun day. Think about you everyday and am really enjoying your blog.
    Love Always Gwyn and Drew.