Friday, May 29, 2009

NGH Staff

Now obviously this blog is my account and my experience but the care I received was excellent, from the post biopsy tea and toast (being starved from midnight, let me tell you it was the best tea and medals ever) to the porters who cheerfully pushed my and my morrisons bed up and down the corridors, mostly sideways.

I want to say a bit of a sorry, one of the porters was chatting as we were on the way down to the ward and he said "A bit young to be on here aren't you mate?" now normally I don't respond to being called mate but I was fairly chilled having had a successful procedure carried out without any major bleeding or collapsing lungs. "Well when you get told you've got cancer you go where you're told", I hadn't meant it to come out so hard or with such finality but I guess it must have done as he recoiled a little and apologised immediately. If I meet him again with the advantage of hindsight I'll say sorry, he wasn't to know and he was after all making conversation.

So it was bed, confined to bed for the rest of the day. Just incase my lung did collapse or any cuts decided to bleed. It's ok, Wendy arranged the rucksack of stuff so I could reach it from my bed the nurse set my bed up so that I was comfortable and hey presto sorted. Life of luxury.......til it came time to pee. I didn't press the call button as I wasn't desperate but then an orderly came by so I asked him what the story was, stating I was confined to the bed. He checked and then found my a chamber pot, well kind of, more like a carafe of wine that had been flattened on one side. Ok so this is easy just aim and fi....... wo there if I fill this, which I felt quite capable of doing, it's all going to pool next to my backside. All this because of the fancy bed which now has my arse lower than my legs! Comfort at the price of practicality. So I utch myself up the bed trying not to put any strain on anything that could collapse or bleed, bit further, bit further, oh come on hurry up. There that'll have to do, oooooooohhhh that feels good, so good, oops hows the level doing..... oh we're going to be ok. And relax, well that's a wait off. 20 minutes later it was like being down town again, fatal first pee, can't stop going now. Shuffle utch, shuffle utch and relax.

I was glad I went when I did though as next stop was for a chest xray to check that everything was still intact and that I could go home. Come on the results, home time, chilling with Wend and our girls. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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