Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess Carys is 5 part two

The brithday girl exiting stage right!

Cake, check. Food, (way more food than we need) check. Party bags, check. Knife for cutting the cake, check. Candles, check. Aunty Shelly, check. Party girl in clean outfit, check. Everyone else, check. 

Ring ring, ring ring, "Hello, it's geoffrey" aka Mad Geoff for his love of outfits (western), singing (anything anywhere), dancing (tap on the ceiling of a tram on a night out) and general merriment. "I'm just going to call and drop off Carys' present." "But Geoff we're not going to be there as we're going to leave for the party now." Geoff (Wendy's cousin and god mother's husband) never did have a great sense of timing. "But Nick will tell you how to get there, Geoff's coming from Wigan just to drop off Carys' present can you tell him how to get to the party." Now my Yorkshire accent varies but Geoff's Wigan one doesn't, describing the road numbers and the local pronunciations leads to laughter and misunderstanding. But, for the first time since I've been part of the family Geoff gets to the location of the party before everyone else!

We all eventually get there, Carys arrives with Aunty Shelly waving royally out of the back of the car feeling very grand. We set up the party table and then watch anxiously as any parent does when their child is hoping for a good turn out for the other guests to arrive. It was hardest for me when Aunty Viv arrives with Daisy, I had decided to stick to my resolve and not to tell her until I knew more and her holiday was over. Fortunately I was busy with welcoming people, policing the food table and helping Wend who was directing the operation!

My little sister Viv with Lady Daisy.

Party goes to plan, Wendy gets compliments on her cheesecake which she passes on to Dawn the originator of the recipe. There's food left over which for us is a good sign, if there's no food left then there wasn't enough food! Everyone leaves and one of the grand parents says that he enjoyed the party too! 

Once we were home and the girls were in bed it was reward time, beer and curry oh and a bit of ironing. We know how to live it up we do!

A good, normal day, was had and although the thought on is this the last birthday party I'll see flickered through my mind i dismissed it and got on with my life and my family's life.

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