Friday, May 8, 2009

This is two weeks ago

Easter weekend, a trip to Wales. Wendy's (my wife) family are down in deepest darkest wet welsh Wales and it's a world away from our life in Sheffield. We travel the 210 miles regularly to see them for highdays and holidays. It's a lovely journey taking us through some of the beautiful countryside our island has to offer and on some of the best roads I've found.
Wendy's sister Anita, and her family are so friendly and accomodating when we call, it feels like a home from home. They have a reasonable size house set in a couple of acres of garden, if you squint you can see the sea from the bottom of the garden too. You regularly see buzzards and red kites flying overhead and it's a world away from our postage stamp garden. We love going there and the girls (Georgia and Carys) just love playing in the garden, as do I. Given that both Anita's sons are rugby mad and I used play in the dim distant past it makes for a really relaxing time.

Cricket on Newgale beach, no photoshop required, the sun really was out!

We had been having a great time, going to the beaches around Pembrokeshire and visiting family and just generally chilling out. I went to try and discover some new biking trails, found some but nowt worth writing home about, enjoyed the whole exploring thing and following a map (I can see the worth of gps for the emergency services but that's about all) and reading the land. All in all we couldn't have been happier. I'd got a bit of a tightness in my chest but put it down to sleeping funny or a bit of hayfever kicking in.

On the last day of our stay we went down to Stackpole beach which is an incredibly beautiful beach owned by the national trust. While there we watched the world go by, dug a hole, played frisby/rugby and ate our picnic. Truly a blissful time. Walking back up the beach i got really out of breath and the pain in my chest was sharper than before. Not a nice feeling but I put it down to too many of those little scotch eggs........

As always packing the car up and leaving was emotional, Wendy is leaving her family again, Georgia is leaving her favourite play things (cousins Jacob and Ryan and the dog Stella, yes named after the beer....), Carys is just bothered about bed and I'm wishing i had a massive garden with trees and a log store and a view to the sea etc etc.

4.5 hours of driving later we're home. The girls don't have shoes on and are half asleep so one on each shoulder and I carry them into the house (Georgia is 7 and Carys is 5). 3 metres from the door and I don't think I'm going to make it. The pain is back and I can't get enough oxygen into my body. I do make it and they go off to bed, mental note to self SEE THE DOCTOR.

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