Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CT Guided Biopsy part 1

Computed Tomography. Basically it's a big x-ray machine which takes slices through the body and then shows any solids in varying shades of grey. White is bone and then black is a void (Lungs with air in) and the clever peeps at NGH could tell from the shades of grey where there is an abnormality.

A CT guided biopsy is where the very clever people insert a little grabber into the lump and then press a lever. The lever releases the claws and it grabs some of the lump, a biopsy. Now given the position of my lump, just above my heart next to my left lung, the whole idea of shoving a dirty great needle through and hitting the right bit is daunting to say the least.

Now when someone says to me you need to spend the night in hospital, I think buggeration, not going to be with Wend tonight then, hot wards, old people, crap food, no fresh air and sharing a bathroom. Wend on the other hand decides I need some pyjamas, a magazine and maybe some refreshments!

Off to the Northern we go, mum driving with Hart family junior in the car, we decided that the girls should be part of this journey as they are our life. Hadfield is a new block on the site, fresh ideas and fresh design. Blow me down I end up with a private room, private shower and a window that opens! There's artwork on the walls and space, an overiding sense of space, oh and really friendly staff!

I get settled in and the girls pop in to see me, not meant to but we wanted them to see I'd be alright and where I'd be overnight. Them reassured off they went with nanny and played in the courtyard at the front. Wendy stayed a little while but then left to sort the girls tea out and get them to bed and she'd come over later with dad. 

So it's student doctor time and I win one who has hands like they're made of ice, cold's not the word. Anyway he wanted to do a full run through and as far as I'm concerned he needs to learn. He had a great manner about him and as with anyone learning checked and double checked but made notes and was very thorough. It passed an hour or so.

The great thing about being in Hadfield apart from being a private room was the big window out of which I could watch the world go by. It looked so nice that I ventured out and had a walk in the grounds. Having worked at NGH many many moons ago it was weird being back and seeing how different the place was. I was away with my thoughts when a gorgeous harley thundered by, the chrome gleamed in the late afternoon sun and the walls vibrated as the thunder resonated around the buildings. Stuff this, I have way too much I want to do, I want one of those bikes. I want to set car alarms off with the sound of my exhaust (on my motorbike not MY exhaust). I want to ride off into the sunset with my gorgeous wife sat behind me. I have so much to live for I'm not going to let this furball mess with my plans.

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